Thursday, November 25, 2010


Fern Forest Treehouse has been quiet this late fall. The leaves have fallen and we've had a bit of snow. But now the ground is littered with dry leaves. I like this time of year when I can see deeply into the woods behind the house and study the stone wall for rocks that need rolling back into place. I've still got work to do to clear the gardens before snowfall and will tend to that after today's holiday.

On this Thanksgiving H and I are grateful for all the folks who have shared their lives with us over the last year and a half. You hail from Germany, Thailand, Australia, England, France, Sweden, El Salvador, Canada, Panama, Portugal, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and all across the United States. You are musicians, social workers, neuroscientists, athletes, college professors, artists, computer programmers, opera singers, health care workers, environmentalists, architects, psychotherapists, organic farmers, publishers, and business people. We've learned a lot from your stories and we cherish your friendship.

The treehouse doesn't sleep just because the bears hibernate. Oh, no. December is hopping. The heat's on and the wood stove is warm and cozy. Come visit to ski or snowshoe. Afterward, we'll make some cocoa or hot toddies and play a game of Chinese checkers or just chat.

We're heading to a friend's house for the Thanksgiving feast, and it's time to take the pie out of the oven. H and I wish you all the warmth and joy of the season and send you our blessings.