Thursday, June 30, 2016

Elvis brings romance to the Fern Forest Treehouse

When guests arrive for a weekend at Fern Forest Treehouse, I always look for some common ground to make them feel comfortable. That’s often not an easy task when a couple is half our age (sometimes even less) and from a different section of the country. But with Danielle and Sty, it was a no-brainer—our common element was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
            My son Bry was born on January 8, Elvis’s birthday. Danielle and Sty were married in Las Vegas—by Elvis. At least, he looked like Elvis and sang almost as well, but when he signed the marriage certificate, the ruse was revealed. He was not the real Elvis.
            But when you’re in Las Vegas, fantasy becomes reality. A limo met the couple at their hotel and transported them to the little white chapel. Elvis was waiting at the door with flowers for Danielle in one hand and a mic in the other. She took his arm, and he sang her down the aisle. Danielle couldn’t remember what song he crooned, and I don’t blame her—I’d have been a little flustered, too.
            I doubt Sty was overpowered by the King. From what I can tell, Sty can hold his own. His first name comes from his early ancestor Peter Stuyvesant, who in the 17th century was director-general of the island colony New Netherland, eventually renamed New York. He traces Morris, his last name, to Colonel Lewis Morris, who in the 18th century was the governor of the province of New Jersey. Morris County and Morristown are named for him.
An Elvis impersonator can’t hold a candle to Sty.
            Meantime, the real Elvis lives on. A couple weeks ago my son proposed to his girlfriend Britt at his favorite bar where a small band was playing. Bry had arranged with them to accompany him on the Elvis song, “Love Me.” While his girlfriend looked on, he took up the mic and started singing: “Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel, but love me.”
            I’m not crazy about those lyrics. What mother would want her son treated meanly and cruelly? But he must have meant it when he got to the line, “If you ever go, Darling, I’ll be oh-so lonely” because at the next line, “Beggin’ on my knees, all I ask is please, please love me,” he got down on one knee, reached into his pocket, pulled out the little box, and held the diamond engagement ring toward Britt.
            What gal could resist a guy born on Elvis’s birthday singing an Elvis classic and asking her to marry him? Of course she said yes.
            I’m not sure how Sty and Danielle’s engagement came about, but Sty must have done something right because they’ve been married for eight years. Maybe it was the early influence of Elvis. In that case, I hope the King works his magic with my son and his fiancĂ©. The wedding is set for October 1.