Monday, November 9, 2009

Fern Forest Romance

A few love birds have nested in the Fern Forest Treehouse, beginning with Karrie and Isaac, who came up from Mystic CT to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Karrie is a vegan, and in the morning we had a basket ready, decorated with anniversary ribbons and filled with vegan scones, vegan yogurt and fresh fruit. They took the basket back to the treehouse and had a picnic on the deck while they watched the sun rise over Mt. Abe.

Newlyweds Ryan and English wife Jacqueline spent a night of their honeymoon with us and left us with wedding favors of British tea, which was delicious. H tried really hard to get the eggs soft-boiled just right for Jacqueline so that she could dip toast "soldiers" in the runny yolk, but, alas, his culinary skills where soft-boiling is concerned are in the embryonic stages. But he's practicing for Jacqueline's next visit. We didn't have egg cups, either, but Jacqueline taught us to perch the eggs in shotglasses, which we do have. Need you ask why?

Justin and Kristin are two of the sweetest and most creative people we've met and the only guests to make a return visit. On their first trip, they drove straight from Buffalo towing their motorcycle on a trailer. They landed, unpacked, and unloaded the bike for an hour-long ride to Burlington. When they got back to the treehouse, they crashed in the loft and slept twelve straight hours. After breakfast, they left us with homemade jars of grapefruit marmalade, strawberry jam and dill pickles with cukes from their garden. We were thrilled to see them again this fall, and Kristin gifted us with her homemade granola (which was delicious and we gobbled up in two days). Justin is a graphic artist and Kristin a web designer. Check out Kristin's original, one-of-a-kind baby booties. Kristin, comment with the link to your site, svp!

Steve works for the Clinton Foundation and brought his new wife Jessica up from Boston for a night at Fern Forest Treehouse. Oh, and Sparky and Brutus came, too...our first treehouse canines. Jessica is finishing up her practicum to become an elementary school teacher. Usually I google guests to make sure they're not serial killers and found most of the posts for Steve showed him as a professional wrestler. Now, I have nothing against pro wrestling, and Steve's muscular enough to pass for one, but I was relieved to find that he's an accountant doing the good nonprofit work to help rid the planet of AIDS and stop global warming. Still, I guess a side gig in the ring now and then wouldn't be a bad thing.

If you're interested in trying a night at Fern Forest Treehouse, visit and look for us in Vermont.

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