Monday, July 17, 2017

Dogs to the rescue at Fern Forest Treehouse

Looking for love? Try getting a dog. Then take said dog to the local dog park. Toss a ball and watch the canines chase it. Could be that one of those ball hounds belongs to someone looking for another someone just like you.
            That happened to last weekend’s Treehouse guests Amy and Hans. Amy has a rescue sheltie-spaniel mix named Bean. Hans’s Allie, also a rescue, is a cross between a chihuahua and a whippet. For doggies who look so different, they seemed to get along fine at the dog park outside Boston. So fine, in fact, that Hans and Amy had plenty of time to get acquainted.
After tossing balls and watching the pups play, Hans suggested he and Amy have coffee sometime. She agreed, and he said he’d call her. Trouble was, he walked away without getting Amy’s number.
It was a slap-your-forehead moment for Hans, but he figured he’d see her again at the dog park.
Luckily, he did. This time after exercising the dogs, Amy pointed to a coffee shop across the street and said, “Coffee. There. Now.”
            A young Boston attorney, she wasn’t going to let this swarthy, handsome fellow slip away again.
            Two years of dog parking later, Hans, a management consultant, popped the question. Amy, a beautiful and intelligent blonde, is no fool. Of course she said yes. A year later, they married on the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies and Bean and Allie became sisters.
            Amy and Hans celebrated their second anniversary at the Treehouse and from what we gathered, all four in the little family are off to a howling good start.

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